Welcome to Photo Doctor 911

Located in Sarasota, FL, our specialty is repairing and restoring your cherished family photos; however, we do a lot more than restore and fix old photographs. Our many services include: touching up your glamour shots and portraits, scanning and printing your old slides and negatives, colorizing black and white photos, photo editing, glamorizing and/or improving existing photos, photo reconstruction, and color correction. If it's related to photo editing, we do it all. Photo Doctor 911 is here to serve all of your photo restoration, photo repair and photo editing needs.

Some Of Our Services

Minor Restoration

Minor Photo Restoration
Sometimes all an old photo needs is to be freshened up. This includes tonal adjustments and the spots and scratches removed.

Major Restoration

Major Photo Restoration
When an old photo is missing pieces or has holes, creases tears, or is badly faded, it calls for creative and problem solving skills.


Photo Reconstruction
Photo reconstruction is the most difficult of restoration techniques that requires guesswork, intuition and specialized skills.


Photo Colorizing
We can make your old black & white photos look better than new with rich, vibrant and realistic color.

Color Correction

Photo Color Correction
If your photo doesn't look right, chances are the colors aren't balanced. We are experts in the field of color correction.

Beauty & Glamour

Photo Beautification
Do you have a glamour shot or portrait that you're just not happy with? Our photo retouching, editing and glamorizing service is second to none.

What we offer

Fast Service

Our turnaround time is 3-5 business days; however if you need your photos quicker, we accommodate special deadlines.


You can trust us to be discreet. Whatever your photo editing needs, nothing is more important than your trust and privacy.


You can depend on us to get your photos done right and on time. Our attention to details is what sets us apart from other photo services.

Quality Work

We have been restoring and repairing photos for 12+ years. We take pride in providing quality work and attentive service.
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