Scanning Your Photo

A high quality, high resolution scan is highly recommended for a successful photo restoration. Before you send us your scanned photo file, please take a minute to read the guidelines below.

General Guidelines

Here are some general tips that will enable us to provide you with the best photo restoration possible:
  • Scan your photo at a minimum of 300 ppi (dpi).
  • Save your scanned image at the highest quality setting.
  • Save your file in jpeg or tiff format.
  • Do not scan your photo with any special effects or filters provided by your scanner software.
  • Use your scanner software’s cropping tool to scan only the image, not the entire white scanner bed.
If you don’t have a scanner or are unable to scan your photo, you can take your photo to places like Office Depot, Staples, Kinkos, etc., and they will scan it for you. Just tell them to scan your photo at the highest resolution possible and have them copy it to a CD or flash drive for you. Then all you have to do is upload the file to us. If all else fails, we would be happy to scan your photo at no extra charge. Just mail your photo to:
Photo Doctor 911
4362 Beekman Place
Sarasota, FL 34235