Here at Photo Doctor 911, customer satisfaction rules the day. The quality of our work is second to none and we offer a money back guarantee to back it up. You will leave happy, or you will leave with your money back.

Our pledge to you…

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!
How can you be assured that you will be happy with the restoration of your photograph?
Here at Photo Doctor 911, we take our work and our customer satisfaction pledge seriously. When we have completed the restoration work we will email you a proof of your completed photo to review and approve prior to printing. Once we receive your approval (in writhing via email), we will proceed with printing. When your prints are ready, we will contact you again to arrange for you to pick them up.
If you requested digital image files only, after you have approved them (in writing via email), we will provide you with a download link to receive your final image files.
If, after reviewing your proofs, you are not 100% satisfied with your restored photos we will work on whatever issues you might have until they are fully resolved and you are happy with your photo.
Please inspect your proofs carefully. Upon your written approval of the proofs we send you, our money back guarantee is void and no other revisions to your photo(s) will take place without additional cost to you.
Also, our money back guarantee does not extend to any completion deadline unless agreed upon in writing by both parties. Please submit any deadline requirements with your original order. 
 If All Else Fails
If we just cannot provide you with the finished product you expected, we will promptly return your money to you.