We love hearing from our customers. Over the 10+ years we’ve been restoring photos, we have received many positive comments from our new and repeat customers, and below are just a few. If you would like to share your experience, please drop us a line.

The Photo Doctor did an awesome job on my old photos! I had several photos that were given to me from my grandparents that were barely recognizable. I was shocked how they were transformed! Thank you, Photo Doctor! Memories never forgotten!
Karlie H., Lakeland, FL
The Photo Doctor did a terrific job restoring the photo of my grandparents from the 1950s. He made it a point to check in with me about any alterations and was attentive to my requests. I got my photos back quickly and they're beautiful. Highly recommended! Thanks again, Photo Doctor!
Kayla B., Brooklyn, NY
I am so grateful to Tom for expertly restoring several treasured family photos that were over 100 years old, a couple of which, I know, were a real challenge. They turned out beautifully as did the copies he made so that I could share them with my children and grandchildren.
Sandy M., Sarasota, FL
I was amazed when I saw the finished photo. I don't know how you did it, but it looks fantastic!
Tony B., Orlando, FL
I never thought I would ever see my great grandfather in full, living color. Wow! That photo of grandpa looks like it was taken yesterday!
Jenny S., Dallas, TX
Not only am I thrilled with the black & white photos you colored for me, I'm telling all my friends about your service. I'm sure they have boxes of old photos too . . .
Susan B., Laramie, WY
I love the replacement background and additional trees you added to my photo.
Rod B., Woodland Hills, CA
I appreciate you getting right on my photo in light of the circumstances. I'll tell my family about you.
Anita G., Hill AFB, UT
Hey Tom, your work is fantastic! I have another family portrait that was taken back in the '40s. I'm uploading it to you today. Please work your magic on it!
Bev S., Sarasota, FL
I can't believe this photograph was taken during the Civil War. With all the scratches and spots I never thought it would look like anything ever again. How the heck did you do it?
Lloyd C., Opelika, AL
I really appreciate your speedy reply and thank you for your prompt work.
Alfred N., Chicago, IL
Because of the great work on the photos I sent you earlier, I'm sending you one more from my Mom. My family loved the work you did on the photos . . .
Sue M., Reno, NV
My photos look just great.
Bill E., Brooklyn, NY
The coloring work you did on my high school photo is fantastic! I'd love to know how you did that...
Bill T., Grand Rapids, MI