Picture Your Photo

How to take a picture of your photo for evaluation

In order for us to provide you with a cost estimate for the restoration/repair work on your photo, we need to see what your photo looks like. The simplest way for you to do this is to take a picture of the photo with your cell phone and send it to us.

Please find below some easy-to-follow steps that will enable you to send us a suitable evaluation photo.

Here are the steps:

  1. Place your photo flat on a horizontal surface in a well lighted area and ensure there are no shadows, reflections or glare falling on the photo.
  2. Position your phone camera directly above and perpendicular to the photo and make sure the entire photo is in the frame.
  3. When taking the picture of your photo, make sure that the image is in focus. This step is extremely important.
  4. After you have taken the picture of your photo, please upload it to us for evaluation. Please click here to upload your photo.
  5. After we have evaluated your photo we will send you via email our quote for the restoration/repair work. 

If our cost estimate meets your needs, we will then send you our official written quote with further instructions for submitting your photo.

Please note:
We no longer accept in-person photo drop off appointments.

Taking a picture of a photo.