Photo Restoration Service

Professional Photo Restoration
Welcome to Photo Doctor 911, where we repair old & damaged photos. Located in Sarasota, FL & Jensen Beach, FL our specialty is photograph restoration. Repairing and restoring  your cherished family photos is what we do and we’re the best in the business.

Old Photos Restored & Repaired
Sometimes all an old photo needs is to be freshened up. This includes black & white or color tonal adjustments, spots and scratches removed, and minor folds and creases repaired.

We Fix Damaged Photographs
When an old photo is missing pieces or has holes, creases, tears, or is badly faded, it calls for creative and problem solving skills which is where we excel. In addition to all of the repairs in a Minor Photo Restoration, this service also includes reconstructing missing areas, repairing major creases and folds, and making any alterations to the original photograph.

Photos Colorized & Enhanced
See your old photos like you’ve never seen them before. We can convert your old black & white or sepia photo to full and vibrant color. Give your old photos a new and up-to-date look. Colorizing does not include photo restoration services. Prices on this service can vary depending on complexity. If price exceeds $39.95, it will be stated in your written quote.

Photos Altered & Beautified
Do you have a photo in which a certain person or object needs to be removed, or added? We can do that.

Photos Altered & Beautified
Do you have a photo in which a certain person or object needs to be removed, or added? We can do that.

Affordable Photo Restoration
Our prices are extremely competitive and we invite you to research this claim. If you can get a quote lower than ours, chances are good that your photo is being restored in India. 

Prompt, Courteous Service
During our almost 14 years of doing business, we have built a solid following of repeat customers. This can only be achieved by providing world class service. 

Ask About Our Discount Program
We provide repeat customers with a 20% discount. We love our return customers, and to show our appreciation, we make it worthwhile to return.

Photo Doctor 911
Need to see some examples of our world class photo restoration work? Please click  here to visit our online gallery of photograph restorations. This is but a small sampling of the 1,000s photos we have restored and repaired  in our 12+ years of doing business.

Photo Restoration Example

Bulk Scanning & Printing
If you have a large quantities of old photos that you need need scanned an/or printed, we can handle it for you. We have scanned 1,000s of photos for our customers.

We Scan Negatives & Slides
Do you have a stack of old slides or negatives that you need scanned and converted into actual photos? We do that. Send us your slides and film  negatives and we will return to you beautiful, full color photos.

We Make Old Photos Look New
Do you have a precious old photo that needs freshening up? We will make it look just like it did when it was first taken. We get rid of fading, discoloration and bad lighting.

Personal Photos Edited/Altered
If you have personal photos, i.e., modeling photoshoots, personal promotional photos, boudoir photos, photos of a personal nature, etc., we edit those too. Please contact us for a private, confidential consultation.

Your Privacy Matters
Your privacy and trust is of the utmost importance to us. We provide all of our customers with total confidentiality and discretion. We share no personal information of any type with any 3rd party. 

AS SEEN ON TV… See us on TV discussing photo restoration and how we rescue old family photos. Tom Goodson, the owner of Photo Doctor 911 explains it all on the Suncoast FYI television show. Click here to watch the video.

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Free shipping and a free written quote are included with each order. All orders include a money back guarantee.